Flying to St. Louis Lambert International Airport : What to Pack for the Midwest

Traveling to St. Louis? We’ve got tips on what to pack for the Midwest!

St. Louis and the surrounding region have some wonderful destinations to visit. However, the weather can vary so drastically from season to season that you might be uncertain on what to pack. On your next flight into St. Louis Lambert International Airport, make sure the following items travel with you!

Airport Transfer - Lambert International Airport in St. Louis

Portable “Walgreens Kit”

Avoid last minute stops to convenience stores while you’re on the go by creating your own travel kit that contains ultra-useful items like ear plugs, prescribed medications, pain reliver, band aids, hair ties and a travel water bottle. Other nice to haves might include a lint roller or a nail file/clippers.

One essential item: Allergy medication. St. Louis can be brutal for people with mold, tree or other outdoor allergies. Don’t forget to pack plenty of necessities to keep you feeling your best.

Weather-Flexible Clothing

Layering is key when you’re planning a visit to the Midwest. In Spring/ Summer a lightweight jacket and an emergency rain poncho can get you through chilly evenings or a rain storm event. In Fall/Winter, always bring along layer-ready pieces like lightweight thermal sets, gloves and a full-zip jacket or cardigan that you can layer over blouses and sweaters, as needed.

Sporty Essentials

The Midwest is full of fun outdoor activities, and you’ll want to be prepared to enjoy them! Pack comfortable shoes along with clothing that allows you to move freely and can double as your air travel outfit, too!

Nice to-Have Items

When you’re traveling you never know what opportunities may come your way! Always pack a swimsuit and even if you’re going on a casual vacation, it’s nice to bring along a dressy blouse or dress shirt just in case you end up dining out at an elegant restaurant or get invited to a more formal event, last minute.

Looking for more travel inspiration for St. Louis and the Midwest? Here’s 25 amazing things to do in St. Louis! Or, you can find other travel ideas here. Easily make it from place to place by downloading our taxi app! St. Louis County & Yellow Cab provides airport transfers to and from St. Louis Lambert International Airport as well as any destination across town!

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