Mardi Gras Like a Boss – then take a cab home!


Our Mardi Gras Crewe from 2014


The Mardi Gras celebration on Grand Parade Saturday is Legendary.  Hundreds of Thousands of people flock to the Lou to celebrate all things crazy and insane.  As a member of the St. Louis community for 80 years, we take seriously our responsibility to get everyone around safely during Mardi Gras.   Because the need for cabs during this celebration is very high, we have some special arrangements to help make everything like clockwork.

Here Is all the information you will need to know:

1. How do I get a cab to take me down TO the Mardi Gras celebration?  We will have our customer care center over-staffed to help take calls.  But hold times may be long because of high demand.  Avoid the long hold time by using our mobile app- St. Louis Taxi – to place your order when you are ready to go.

2. Where will the cab drop me off when going down TO Mardi Gras?  For 7 years, we have been the official cab company for Mardi Gras and we have a dedicated cab stand located in the heart of the celebration.  We will drop you off at our cab stand located at 10th and Park just behind the Farmers Market.

3. We have a large group and would like to reserve several cabs to take us down to Mardi Gras.  Can we do this?  While we welcome your business, our goal for Mardi Gras is to serve all our customers equally.  Therefore, we cannot take reservations for multi-cab orders on Grand Parade Saturday.  But we have partnered with our sister company, Go Best Express, to have several large vans available on Grand Parade morning to help get your large group downtown for the celebration.  This should help improve service for everyone.

4. Can any cabs be reserved to take us down to Mardi Gras on Grand Parade Saturday?  While we always welcome the ability to place a time order for your cab service, we are unable to do this on Grand Parade Saturday.  We want to make sure that all our cabs and our customers are serviced as efficiently as possible.  Your best strategy is to use our app – St. Louis Taxi – to order a cab when you are ready to go.  You can then track your cab getting closer and pay in the app when you are dropped off at our cab stand located in the heart of the action at 10th and Park.

5. Will there be a long wait for cab service on Grand Parade Saturday?  While we always strive to provide timely service, during heavy demand times, there can be longer than desired wait times for cab service.  We appreciate your patience.  Please allow ample time to get your cab and arrive at our cab stand.  We will have all available drivers on the streets to get everyone where they need to go.

6. How the heck do we get a cab when we are ready to leave Mardi Gras?  This is the best part – we have a dedicated cab stand right in the middle of the celebration.  Make your way to the Farmer’s Market, take the footbridge over the highway and BOOM, you are at our cab stand.  Look for the two HUGE flags that say TAXI


This map depicts the Mardi Gras Party area with the red and yellow zones being restricted to authorized vehicles. All County & Yellow Cabs are authorized to come into this zone to our cab stand located at 10th & Park

Our Taxi Stand is located just over the footbridge that goes over the highway right behind the Farmers Market.  Super convenient to get to the action.

Our Taxi Stand is located just over the footbridge that goes over the highway right behind the Farmers Market. Super convenient to get to the action.


7. Once I get to the cab stand, how to I get a cab?  We will have a clearly marked queue that we ask everyone to wait in patiently.  We will have cabs flowing through the cab stand and our taxi starters will assist you with getting in the cabs.  We appreciate your patience while you wait for those in line ahead of you to get their cab assigned.

8. Why do I need to go to the cab stand?  Can’t I just get a cab on the streets of the Soulard Area?  Actually – NO!  For the safety and security of all those attending the Mardi Gras celebration, the entire Mardi Gras area is locked down to unauthorized vehicles.  You will have a long, dangerous walk out of the zone to attempt to locate a cab from another company.

9. How can I pay for my cab?  All of our cabs are equipped with back-seat payment devices for your convenience.  We accept all major credit cards and these devices are even NFC and ApplePay compatible.  Of course, cold-hard cash is always a cab drivers best friend.

10. Will your Bouncing Taxi be in the Grand Parade again?  You Bet!  Our Bouncing Taxi has become a beloved part of the Grand Parade.  Watch as it bounces all the way down the parade route.  If you can’t wait until the Grand Parade and to get in the mood, watch this fun video of our Bouncing Taxi.

Now go have fun – Party like a Boss and let us get you home safely.



Need a Cab on New Years Eve? Here are Tips to Help get Everyone Home Safe

New Years Eve is the busiest cab night of the entire year.  It is important that all those celebrating do so responsibly and have a safe ride home.  But getting a cab on New Years Eve can be a challenge.  Here are some easy tips to help get everyone home as safely and efficiently as possible: 

1. Use an automated method to order your cab to avoid long hold times on the phone.  Download our mobile app – St Louis Taxi – for the best ordering experience.  You can also order via web at or text your pick up address to 314-971-8294(TAXI)

2. Make sure you provide the number of passengers in your group so we send the right size cab.  Clown cars on NYE are not cool or safe.  If you order through the app, indicate the vehicle type to fit your group.

3. Know Where You Are! Providing a good address will help our drivers find you quickly.  Double check your address before ordering a cab. Remember that the GPS locator in your phone can sometimes be wonky and not locate you correctly.

4. If your plans change and you no longer need a cab, PLEASE cancel your order.  Our live texting agent will be available to accept your cancellations.  Just text us at – 314-991-5300 – and we will help.

5. Ordering a cab from multiple companies is a huge waste of resources and will just result in everyone waiting longer.  We know its tempting to order a cab from 3 different companies and just see who shows up first.  But then those three cabs are headed your way and 2 of them are being wasted on a bad fare.  This just means everyone waits longer.  Order from one cab company and please be patient.

6. Make sure you get in YOUR cab.  We send you a text message when your cab has been assigned with the cab # and the drivers first name.  Before you get in a cab, make sure it is yours.  Taking someone else’s cab is rude and will result in them waiting longer.

7. Be patient and courteous.  With HUGE demand for cab service in a very short window of time, wait times may be long.  Yelling at our care agents or our drivers will not get you home faster.  Let’s start the new year with love and harmony.  And a safe ride.

8. Be prepared and have a good method of payment.  If you store a credit card in our mobile app and order with the app, you can click to pay.  Also, for your convenience, all of our cabs have credit card swipes or accept ApplePay. Of course, all drivers love accepting cash too.

9. Use the closest cab stand.  Many of our hot spot zones are serviced by cab stands.  Rather than ordering a cab, it may be quicker to proceed to a cab stand and hop in the next cab in line.

10. Talk to us – @stltaxi or St. Louis County and Yellow Cab on Facebook.  We value your feedback so please let us know about your experience and tweet or message us on Facebook.

We wish everyone a safe and healthy New Year!  Thanks for letting us be part your celebration!!

Oh No – I left the water running in my pool!!

With our relentless winter behind us and warmer temperatures now a certainty, we begin to think about all the wonderful things we can do outside.  Biking, fishing, gardening, home improvements and enjoying all the wonderful attractions that St. Louis has to offer like the rental boats in Forest Park. There is just something about warmer weather that makes us all have a little extra pep in our step.


This time of year is also the start of “let’s open the pool” season.  After staring out your window all winter at the sad covered pool that is just speaking to you and begging for sunny weather, now is the time to call your friendly pool service and schedule to get that pool happy and ready for some action. Time to head to Walgreens to stock up on sunscreen, get out the floaty toys and stock up the refrigerator with cold beverages.  Relaxing weekends around the pool now become the motivation to work hard all week.


 Once the pool is open and with the kids out of school soon, those ever-popular, much-needed summer vacations also begin to take shape.  Going to visit family in another part of the country, taking in the sites of another city or just finding a beach and a good book, can be just the cure to the “winter is finally over” blues.  Our professional cab drivers often play a key role in helping to get these summer vacations off to a good start by providing prompt, convenient airport transportation for your family.  But last summer, our driver, James, got much more than he anticipated as he was picking up a family in Chesterfield going to Lambert.


With the bags all packed, all the kids ready to go, James’ passengers were eagerly waiting when he showed up take them to the airport.  He could hear them all doing a mental checklist of everything they needed for their trip and making sure they didn’t forget anything.  With the house all secure, they headed towards Lambert with a sigh of relief that their vacation was about to begin.  But then it happened – That moment like this….


A few minutes prior to arriving  at the airport, the dad remembered that he had left the water running in their pool!  Picturing returning to a floating house and neighbors that didn’t appreciate living in a flood zone, he just didn’t know what to do.  James jumped right in with the perfect solution.  He assured the family that once they were safely dropped off at the airport, he would return back to their home and turn off the water and he would do it free of charge – just because it was the right thing to do.  Jame’s should have been wearing a Superman Cape that day because his passengers truly felt like he saved their vacation from certain disaster.  As James dropped off the family to begin their vacation, they sighed a sense of relief and vowed to count on County Cab for their airport transportation needs from now on.  Not sure that James can do this – but he saved the day for sure.



St. Louis County Cab Gets the 5-Star French Fry Review!

Our professional driver, Enver, often gets glowing reviews from his passengers on a regular basis for his great service and caring attitude.  He spends hours driving around in cab #755 to help everyone in St. Louis.  He realizes that he is part of a team and that one cab drivers actions are a reflection on all the other cab drivers at County & Yellow Cab. And a recent experience while in the drive-thru at McDonald’s is something that he will remember for a long time and only enforced this reality.

As a cab driver, he works very hard to earn a good living and “time is money” in every sense of the word. He is always on a quest to find another passenger in need of a safe, legal ride and it often feels like a casino game as he watches the computer in his cab for where he should go next. But on this day, he made a quick stop at a local McDonald’s to get some lunch so that he could move on to that next fare.

He placed his order, moved up to the next window ready to pay for his meal and the guy at the window happily told him that his order was FREE! What – Come on – nothing is free.  Enver was shocked and asked the guy why. The McDonald’s worker said, “The lady in front of you paid for your meal. She said that she LOVES St. Louis County Cab.”  The dedication and good service provided by his colleagues had come back to Enver in a box of fries!  A great review never tasted so good!


St. Louis Mardi Gras Mayhem – The tale of a cab driver, a passenger and a lost car!

As each day gets closer, I can hardly contain my enthusiasm about the day that excites almost every cab driver in St Louis.  This day is even bigger than New Year’s Eve. What day is that, you ask? St. Louis Mardi Gras of course. This is the day where as soon as you drop off your customer, another customer awaits your service. I must admit – I love the glitter of Mardi Gras beads and customers with fists full of dollars.

Although making money is the bottom line, Mardi Gras is also where the best cab driver stories are born. Every driver has at least one. Last year, my story came the day after Mardi Gras.  My first fare of the day was a young lady.  I greeted her as I always do, with a smile and a, “Good afternoon! How are you today?”

She quietly mumbled, “Not too well I’m afraid. That is why I called for your service.”

“I am sorry to hear that, but I’m glad you called and am happy to help. Where would you like to go?” I asked.

She blushed and said, “That is a great question…you see, I got a little too wasted last night and I have no idea where I parked my car and how I got home.”

I tried to ease her anxiety (between laughing to myself) by saying, “No problem this sort of thing happens all the time.” I think it helped, at least a little bit.

She then started to explain how her night began. She told me she picked her girlfriend up from her house and drove to Soulard. Due to road blocking they were forced to park on a street nearby.  The problem was – she had no clue which street that was. So, off we went, with somewhere in Soulard as our destination. We traveled up and down almost every street in the city and saw many cars parked along the curbs, but none of them belonged to her.

After nearly half an hour into our excursion, her phone rang. She answered her phone and pretty soon her face reddened with embarrassment. She told me it was her mother on the other end and asked if I could take her back home. A little curious I asked, “Did you find your car?”

She said, “Yes. Apparently I called my mother last night to pick us up because I was too wasted to drive.”  She said that her mother and father came down, picked up her and her girlfriend and her father drove her car back home. She laughed and said “I am so embarrassed!”

“You may be embarrassed,” I said, “But you should also be proud of yourself. As wasted as you were and so wasted you didn’t even know how you got home, you still were able to make the right choice by not driving!”

As we pulled back into her apartment complex she laughed again and said, “Look, there is my car right there!”  It was right where I picked her up earlier.  We both laughed.  She got out, paid me my fare and gave me a handsome tip. I wonder what this year’s St. Louis Mardi Gras has in store for me!